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South Beach Lady Charter is a #1 private luxury yacht rental venue, we are at your service to provide a touch of class to your private yacht charter experience leaving from Hollywood or Miami. This luxury yacht offers (4) four levels and can host up to 350 guests.


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Yacht Rental from Hollywood or Miami

This yacht rental venue can accommodate any occasion, such as Wedding Reception, Corporate Events, Bar Mitzvah, or Quinceanera.  Whether your ideal menu requires vegetarian, themed, or traditional dishes, our creative chefs will cater to your heart’s desire.  Your luxury yacht charter can board from home dock in Hollywood or Miami marinas.

Whether you’re looking to host an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, a yacht rental offers the perfect setting for any occasion. Indulge in gourmet cuisine prepared by top-notch chefs, sip on hand-crafted cocktails while lounging on the deck, and dance the night away under the stars.

The elegant dining room has large generous windows and will comfortably accommodate 220 diners in various seating arrangements which is ideal for corporate events venue option.  South Beach Lady Yacht has 8 flat-screen TVs, a spacious bridal suite, and a sun deck that is perfect for prom and graduation parties.

We provide staffed bars serving premium spirits, 8 restrooms, a choice of indoor or outdoor dancing as well as indoor-outdoor ceremonies. This mega yacht has perfect space to accommodate Corporate Dinner Cruise and Brunch Cruise.

Celebrate your special event on a private yacht, and enjoy your special occasions aboard a luxury yacht. we make the boat rental process hassle-free for your family and friends.


Yacht Rental


Your Venue is a Key Ingredient that makes your event stand out!   A quality yacht is the perfect way for your team to come together and stay together, offering your team and clients a unique fun alternative to the traditional land location.  

Party boats and Event yachts are very different in Appearance, Quality, and Service.  Whether you’re hosting a small event for 35-50 guests or an event for 100 or more, there are some basic necessities that your yacht venue must have:

Space:  If you’re planning a buffet or platted menu, make sure there is enough formal seating for everyone. Presentations are common, so make sure your yacht offers a cordless microphone and podium and enough space for your guest’s comfort. 

Our cruise coordinator is at your service to coordinate and help customize a private yacht rental to suit your function and special event.  We’re here to assist you to deliver faultless events and boat charters for your Birthday Celebration, Theme Party, Charity Event, Family or Class Reunion, and Product Launch or Media Event. 

Corporate Cruise

Hosting your corporate event on the South Beach Lady yacht offers a unique and inspiring atmosphere that encourages networking and relationship-building among attendees. The breathtaking views of South Florida’s coastline and the tranquil waters create a serene and captivating backdrop, fostering an environment that promotes meaningful interactions and connections. Whether your guests choose to relax on the spacious decks, engage in team-building activities, or enjoy conversations over a cocktail, the yacht provides the ideal setting for forging lasting professional relationships.

Private Events

Host a private event like no other aboard the South Beach Lady yacht, where luxury, elegance, and exclusivity merge to create an exceptional experience. Whether you’re planning a milestone celebration, a family gathering, or an intimate soirée with close friends, South Beach Lady offers a captivating setting that will leave a lasting impression on your guests

Wedding Cruise

Celebrate your love in grand style aboard the South Beach Lady yacht, where luxury, romance, and impeccable service come together to create an unforgettable wedding experience. With its stunning setting, personalized packages, and attention to detail, South Beach Lady offers a truly magical ambiance for your special day. Sail into your new chapter as a married couple, surrounded by the beauty of South Florida’s waters, and create cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Why Should You Choose a Yacht For Your Event


                                               “Catering & Food”

When it comes to menus and food quality, make sure your food will be cooked fresh onboard in the yacht’s Galley (Kitchen). Some boats are not equipped with galley space.  You will be able to determine if the yacht can prepare in-house catering, based on the variety of offerings on their menu.


                                               “Menu Items”

Compare main entrees, for example, pasta with shrimp entrée vs a whole portion of Salmon is not a fair comparison. The pasta with shrimp (shrimp will run out quickly after the first few tables have visited the buffet) will be a much cheaper entrée offering.)  Comparing like items is the best way to determine fairness in price and value.



Upon entering the South Beach Lady Yacht, you are immediately transported to an atmosphere reminiscent of the iconic design movement. The yacht’s interior features sleek lines, geometric patterns, and stylish furnishings, all meticulously crafted to create a captivating ambiance that exudes sophistication.


The possibilities are endless when decorating an event on South Beach Lady Yacht Charters. The yacht provides a luxurious and elegant backdrop, and with thoughtful decor choices, you can transform it into a stunning setting that matches your event’stheme or style.



Charter and Crew Fees

Charter fees are determined by size, length, overhead, and level of Luxury or age of the vessel.  As for Crew, the bigger the yacht (and number of decks) the more crew is needed.  Be sure to ask how many crew members will be aboard. 



Like all industries, party boats and event yachts offer a range of pricing. Just because something is cheaper does not mean it is better, in this industry especially.  Be sure to look not only at the total cost but what you are getting in each category.




When it comes to Yachts, most entertainment is welcomed:  Bands, DJs, Jimmy Buffet/ Kenny Chesney Singers, photobooths, Tropical Dancers, Live Percussionists, Sax Players, and cigar rollers. One or more will certainly enhance your guest’s experience.


Dance Floor

A yacht offers both an indoor and outdoor dance floor is best. When searching for a yacht, be sure you take into consideration wet weather.    By booking a yacht that has both, you do not have to worry about Mother Nature.